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Young Woman Wearing A Black Dress
young woman wearing a black dress
woman wearing a dress on a windswept beach
A young, barefoot woman with black hair dances across a windswept beach.  The woman is wearing a dress with a black top and a white, sheer skirt with black polka dots.  The body language of the woman indicates happiness as she gazes out at the infinite sea.

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  • Woman Wearing a Blue Dress thumbnail Woman Wearing a Blue Dress Photograph
    An elegant woman is photographed in a flowing blue dress, on a white background. The dark navy dress is strapless; though simple, it has several adornments on the front that ensure it is not plain.
  • Red Party Dress thumbnail Red Party Dress Photograph
    A dark-haired young woman poses in a bright red party dress, with hands on her hips. The sleeveless red dress has several tiers of ruffles, and a large bow in the center. The woman is wearing a pair of simple black heels for footwear.

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young woman wearing a pink mini dress
Pink Mini Dress